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#2 #2: Jamie is interviewed by “young millennial” Lori…and is terrified.

Jamie Stone – 07 March 2020 – 09:24

On this episode, Jamie and “young millennial” friend Lori discuss what was a little too much this week, Jamie’s disappearing iPhone calendar, Lori makes fun of Jamie for having an AOL email address in college.

Then we go into Just the right amount of too much (if you like to break stuff, you need this in your life) and Jamie’s obsession of the week: the best sound machine app and a great CBD pain cream.

Lori then interviews Jamie…and Jamie is terrified.

In the interview, Jamie reveals what’s a little too much about work, bosses, friends, family, social media, celebs, last year and more. Plus why she’d never endorse a skinny tea (i.e. diarrhea tea, as Jamie calls it) AND Jamie tells the insanely ridiculous story about how she got sued for using a copyrighted Santa Claus image on her blog.


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