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#4 #4: Erin Ziering- blogger at AtHomeWithTheZierings.com & host of Housewives of Hollywood. How Erin met her husband, 90210 actor Ian Ziering, Erin’s aspiring IG influencer daughter and how she’s already earning $$ at age 8, the loss of Luke Perry + more

On this episode, Jamie interviews Erin Ziering, blogger at AtHomeWithTheZierings.com and host of Housewives of Hollywood.

We discuss: How Erin met her husband, 90210 actor Ian Ziering (it’s a super cute story, just FYI) and the full story on how they said “I love you” after five days and got engaged after three months. Plus, naturally, Jamie asks if Erin’s parents thought she was nuts for marrying a celebrity 20 years older than her. We also discuss Jamie’s PTSD about traveling nurses (Erin used to be one!), why kid zombies wearing pajamas are terrifying, the fact that Erin’s oldest daughter Mia is already an aspiring Instagram influencer making that $$$ and has taken an interest in making sure other children of mom influencers are also getting paid (#getitgirl). Jamie and Erin then go into the loss of Luke Perry has affected their family, Erin’s last convo with Luke, and what a great friend Luke was to Ian. We also campaign for Steve Sanders to have a dog on the new 90210 reboot (i.e. Erin wants Ian’s IRL dog out of the house for the summer), so let’s try to make that happen for her. #SteveSandersNeedsaDog

 Jamie and Erin then really embarrass themselves with their lack of knowledge about Marvel and DC as they talk about Ian’s upcoming TV role as Blue Devil.

 Jamie then tells the story about when she wasn’t allowed to enter Disney World because she was wearing a Wonder Woman costume. True story. AND then Jamie has FEELINGS on childless adults who love/frequently visit Disneyland here in LA.

 Lastly, Erin talks about how she and Ian had to call TMZ and the media when the public school they send their kids to (right here in West Hollywood!) refused to address a major violent bullying issue.


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