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#5 #5: Ashley Zohar- celebrity wardrobe stylist/Jamie’s neighbor. Ashley’s start as a stylist, her amazing male celebrity clients, Jamie’s obsession with one of her clients, Kyle Chandler, why Ashley hates posting on Instagram + more.

On this episode, Jamie interviews celebrity wardrobe stylist Ashley Zohar, who also happens to be Jamie’s next-door neighbor.

We discuss: What was a little too much this week (hint: I was a guest on Brandi Glanville’s podcast!), what was just the right amount of too much this week, how Jamie’s dad thinks she curses too much on this podcast, Ashley’s nerves about being interviewed on her first podcast, Ashley talks about all the amazing male celebs she styles (Josh Radner from “How I Met Your Mother,” Trevante Rhodes, Ed Helms and Jamie’s personal dream boat, Kyle Chandler from “Friday Night Lights”). Ashley goes into what it’s like to actually work with Kyle (aka Coach Taylor) only because Jamie forced her to. Don’t try to put this man in a skinny jean, ok?! Jamie then tells the story about how her friend from college showed her blog to J. Lo and what J. Lo said about it. Ashley then talks about how she got started as a celebrity stylist and how she literally hates posting on Instagram. Then we go into Ashley’s love for interior design and how she’s super fulfilled designing furniture. After that Jamie tells the story about how she yells at Ashley for not having an emergency supply kit and the insane amount of research Jamie has done into LA earthquakes. Then Jamie forces Ashley to play a game of rapid fire word association and hilarity ensues. Ashley talks about her OCD and how it affects her beauty routine, then Ashley talks about how Jamie accidentally donated Ashley’s stuff to the Vietnam Veteran’s Association, LOL. And then Jamie talks about which cat she would save in a fire (STOP I know), and why she was always the “favorite child,” mostly because she was just less drama than her little sister.

Things we mentioned:

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